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The key to the region’s growth and prosperity is a strong Chamber of Business, which represents the business community in N. Nevada.  The Latin American Chamber of Business decided to break away from the norm and create an enviroment where members can move forward together.  

The Chamber serves as the voice of the business community.  As a member you will have valuable opportunities to network, share ideas and resources, as well as establish mutual interests and needs.

The Chamber promotes regional business development, supports business programs, encourages downtown development programs, promotes tourism.  In addition, the Chamber conducts a number of workshops, seminars and networking events geared toward helping strengthen and unify the business community.


Our next business meeting will be this Tuesday, September 26th at the Atlantis Casino (2nd floor) at 7:45 am with featured speaker:

Laura M. Tucker
Deputy Attorney General

Office of the Nevada Attorney General
Bureau of Consumer Protection

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